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Guidelines for Septic Truck Pumpers

The following guidelines shall be met prior to commencing business:

Permit Submittal Documents:

  1. Complete and submit a separate Application for Permit for each vehicle. Each Application for Permit shall have a separate permit fee of $200.00.
  2. Complete and submit a separate ADEQ Application for Septic Tank Cleaner License for each vehicle. Please sign and date each form. We will forward the form to ADEQ for you.
  3. A copy of the title and registration shall be submitted for each vehicle to be permitted. 

Once items 1-3 above have been completed you may schedule an inspection through our division. Upon approval of the inspection we will issue a permit number. The permit will be a good for one year to be renewed annually every January. Permits that are not renewed by January 15th will be suspended and the operator will have to start the entire process over again including licensing through ADEQ. Upon completion of this portion we will forward your information to the La Paz County Board of Supervisors to set up a billing account.


  • The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality Handles all on-site wastewater projects dealing with RV Parks in the state of Arizona.

Health Questions?

For Questions regarding Food Safety, Emergency Preparedness, Vital Records and general health concerns, please contact the La Paz County Health Department.