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Posted on: March 14, 2019

Closure of Septic Ponds at Landfill

The septic ponds at the La Paz County Landfill have been closed until further notice.

One of the two ponds was refurbished in 2017 and has been in use since then.  With higher than projected use, significant rainfall and lower than anticipated evaporation this pond has reached its maximum safe level. 

The second pond has been allowed to dry out with  refurbishment planned this spring, and currently has less than fifty percent available capacity.  Use of this pond at this time would prohibit refurbishment until the spring of 2020.  Anticipated inflows exceed current capacity making it likely the pond would be full sometime next winter.  While evaporation would create some capacity in the first pond through the summer it would not likely be enough to be usable until completion of the second pond.

The Board of Supervisors and County staff are working to expedite the planned refurbishment of the second pond as well as looking into alternatives for the near term.

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