What does it mean?
The 2016 valuation will be the basis for the property tax assessment and property tax bill to be sent out September 2016, in about 18 months. The full cash value is an estimate of the properties market value, and the legal classification shows how the property is used, residential, commercial, etc…

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1. Why did I receive this notice of valuation?
2. What does it mean?
3. Does everyone get a notice?
4. What is the legal classification of property?
5. Why are 2015 values being set now?
6. Why did the Full Cash Value go up?
7. Can the Limited Property Value go up and the Full Cash Value go down?
8. How can the Full Cash Value Increase In a depressed market?
9. Did every property owner get the same increase/decrease?
10. Why did the value go up when I have done nothing to the property?
11. What can I do about the increase?
12. Are my taxes going up?