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Public Works

The Public Works Department consists of several diverse divisions. The primary mission is maintaining County Roadways and ensuring their safety for public use. Public Works also maintains County owned Buildings and properties. In addition Public Works performs Fleet Management consisting of purchasing/ maintaining heavy equipment together with purchasing/maintaining county vehicles.

These Divisions and their responsibilities are:

Road Maintenance: The Road Maintenance Manager and crew have varied responsibilities. During the monsoon season they are out in the county, at all hours, taking care of flood damage and ensuring public safety. The remainder of the year they perform weed control, dust control, blade dirt and gravel roads, install gravel on dirt roads, operate a crusher (manufacturing gravel for county use), and work as team members for traffic control during construction and rehabilitation of major roadway projects. Whenever a problem occurs concerning County Roadways the Road Maintenance Crew are there to provide assistance.

Road Construction: The Road Construction Manager and crew are responsible for major road repairs and upgrading county roadways. The Board of Supervisors determines and prioritizes road needs and requirements. The Road Construction Manager works as a team member with the Public Works Director, the Right-of-Way Agent, the Traffic Control Manager, and the County Surveyor to determine how to best meet the Board of Supervisors expectations and needs. Often major roads qualify for federal/state grant funding and require an in-depth analysis consisting of average daily usage, soil conditions, general conditions of roadbeds, and flood control patterns. This process requires input from all team members.

Facilities Maintenance: The Facilities Maintenance Manager and staff are responsible for the maintenance and general repair of county buildings and properties. These obligations include plumbing, air conditioning and heating, electrical systems; landscaping and just plain making sure all county facilities can operate safely and efficiently. The Facility Maintenance Manager schedules and supervises the daily custodial crew.

Right-of-Way: The Right-of-Way Agent is responsible for perfecting rights-of-way for County Roadways. The Right-of-Way Agent works with the Community Development Department to ensure newly rezoned or newly created parcels have legal access.

Encroachment Agent: The Encroachment Agent is responsible for issuing permits for work performed in a county right-of-way. Applications with drawings of projects are submitted to the Encroachment Agent and the project is researched, a field review is done and permits are issued. A final inspection is performed to close the project and to ensure the work was properly accomplished per state and/or county specifications. The encroachment agent also serves as a Purchasing Agent and is responsible for procurement of office materials, county signs, safety equipment and supplies as needed by the field crews.

Survey Department: The Registered Land Surveyor (R.L.S.) is responsible for ensuring actual roadways are located within the legal description for each respective roadway and for providing accurate construction and grading stakes on county road projects. The Registered Land Surveyor also works with other departments to check Recorded Land Surveys ensuring accuracy on engineering plans and providing Bench Mark Elevations for various FEMA or floodplain projects. The R.L.S. is a vital team member for the County Board of Supervisors in making decisions involving land usage.

Fleet Division: The fleet manager is key to the Public works capability to rapidly respond to tax payer issues involving emergencies, day-to-day scheduled activities, and two-way communications. A reliable and safe fleet is of paramount importance for employee safety by ensuring equipment and vehicles do not quit functioning in a remote section of the County when temperatures and weather conditions could cause serious weather hazards through long exposures to inclement weather.

Traffic Control Division: The Traffic Control Agent has multiple responsibilities. The Agent works as a team member with the Board of Supervisors to ensure all traffic signs on public roads meet the mandatory requirements of the federal and state manual of uniform traffic control devices (MUTCD). The Agent works as a team member with the road crews to assure worker safety zones and correct traffic flow patterns during maintenance/repair activities.

Administration Division: The Public Works Administrative staff consistently interacts with Department employees, the public, and the Board of Supervisors by providing budget updates, payroll input, accounts payable/receivable activity, Improvement District monitoring, and ensuring files and record storage are within state law requirements.

Public Works Standards

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Volume III - Storm Drainage Facilities

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