Zoning applies to land use. If you are interested in making changes to the way your parcel is zoned, use the appropriate application listed in the subsection of this page to the left named APPLICATIONS. Not sure what you need? Our Zoning Regulations Book can be found in its entirety and broken down by zone, just click on the subsection to the left named ZONING REGULATIONS.


The Addressing Unit is charged with the responsibility of assigning new physical addresses, changing physical addresses, assigning new street names, and renaming old street names with conflicting or duplicate names to all lands within the unincorporated areas of La Paz County. The Addressing Unit works in accordance with the Street Naming & Addressing Section of the La Paz County Zoning Regulations and Addressing Ordinances. The actions of the Addressing Unit are intended to provide for a more efficient emergency service and provide for the safety of the residents of La Paz County. 

 If you need an address or would like to petition to rename a street, the applications can be found in the subsection to the left named APPLICATIONS. This unit is the starting point for receiving a 9-1-1 Address; often referred to as the SITUS address or physical address of a parcel. It is County regulation that “vacant land” does not receive a 9-1-1 Address until development has begun. This is a statewide practice for every parcel EXCEPT those in a subdivision. This practice helps to eliminate errors in the address ranges in the communities. It is important to keep our addresses within range because an “out of range” address will affect the response time in the event that emergency services are needed. Once an application for an address is received, staff will determine the best address that is within range for that parcel, according to 9-1-1 Address standards, then they updated it in the Assessor’s database, as well as notify our GIS Consultant so she can update the maps as well the the 9-1-1 System and Master Street Address Guide (MSAG). Once all of that is complete, you will receive an Address Confirmation Letter that tells you what your new address is. It is the parcel owner’s responsibility to notify all of their utility companies, mortgage companies, USPS, etc. of this new address. The letter received can be used to do that. It is also your responsibility to ensure your address is posted according to county regulation


**The United States Postal Service is not the deciding agency on addresses or what they should or shouldn’t be. We do NOT have anything to do with Google Maps or any other privately own entity that provides GPS mapping. Unfortunately, we cannot control what their maps or services say about any one parcel or address.

If the only information you need is the zoning on a particular parcel(s), please email the APN (parcel number) in question to comdev@lapazcountyaz.org for the quickest response.