Are there any exemptions offered that assists in property tax relief?

The relief comes in several forms. First, there is an exemption for widows, widowers and totally disabled persons age 17 or over may be eligible.  To qualify you must be a resident of Arizona, meet income requirements, your total assessed value of your property must not exceed the allowable dollar amount which is indexed and changes each year. You can contact our office for the current year’s dollar amount.  If you are applying for the disabled exemption the disability must be total and permanent and certified by a licensed physician on form DOR82514B. You can contact our office for more information. Open enrollment for this takes place between January 1,2021 and March 1, 2021.

Senior Property Valuation Protection also known as Senior Value Freeze: Arizona law provides under Proposition 104, which passed in 2000 is designed to freeze the limited property value for 3 years.  To qualify you must be 65 years of age at time of application. Be a primary residence in Arizona, meet certain income requirements. Please contact our office if your interested in an application or if you have any other questions.

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13. Are there any exemptions offered that assists in property tax relief?
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